Growing Cannabis

2019-04-29 14:37:09

Cannabis For Indoor Grow

Cannabis cultivators know how important light is when it comes to growing successfully. A sufficient amount of the right type of light is one of the most crucial factors for healthy growth and yields of potent buds.
Although natural sunlight would be optimal for cannabis growing, many cultivators prefer to grow indoors, for various reasons. Firstly, not everyone lives in a climate where outdoor growing is feasible, even they live in such climate area, not all seasons have the same sunshine. Secondly, indoor growing with artificial lighting on a timer allows the grower control over the vegetative and flowering phases of their cannabis.
LEDs are the most energy-efficient type of grow light. This means they can provide the most light compared to their running costs. Another advantage of LED lights is that they run much cooler compared to HID lighting - barely producing any heat at all. This, in turn, means there is less risk of “burning” your plants from too much heat plus it helps to keep temperatures in your grow room down. LEDs also don’t need a reflector cover and exhausting pipes to ventilate the heat air like HPS.

一站式植物照明解决方案 | 谷思贝

一站式植物照明解决方案 | 谷思贝

GrowSpec can not only supply high quality LED lamps but its a “one-stop solution” supplier for growers. Before we serve your project a brief investigation will be necessarily made.Then we will make you a “light-solution”, for no mater your way of cultivation (SOG or ScrOG), a simulation and light distribution and density will be made properly for the grow area.Then we can recommend type of LED lamps in how much watts should be applied in that area, and how much height you may hanging them.

Grow Lights Recommended:

As an originally designed lamp for indoor cannabis  growers, SR4D300 and SR4D600 has a wide variety of tailor-made aspects for medical cannabis (light angle/recipe/dimming function/group control system...) This is a lighting fixture designed by growers for growers. SR4D600 can distribute averagely 500µmol*m-2*s-1 at 3’ with a coverage of 4’x4’. Contact us for more detailed recommendation, and you can also get a free lighting solution design from us for your project.