Growing Orchid

2019-04-29 14:34:08

Orchid For Indoor Grow

There are so many (over 20,000 strains) types of orchid, orchid is one of the most light sensitive plants. Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, dendrobium, Laelia, Paphiopedilum, Oncidium, Cymbidium... they all need different light care. Some orchid need week light but some need a lot of light, but anyway they do not like direct sunlight.For orchid enthusiasts, using LED artificial lighting solution will get the advantage of being able to control the light not as strong as sunlight.Lack of light will normally result in lack of flower.
Its easy to know how much light is enough and how much light is too much, just observe the leaves and flowers you will find:
* Dark Green Leaves and less flower: Your plant may not be getting enough light;
* Medium Green Leaves and good flower: your orchid is healthy and receiving enough light;
*Yellow Beached Leave: Too much light.
For example,Cymbidium Sinence need about 90µmol*m-2*s-1 so under 250µmol*m-2*s-1 they leave will change to yellow, while Cymbium Faberi Rolfe will have dark green leaves under 90µmol*m-2*s-1 lighting rooms.


Gow Lights Recommended:
As orchid may absorb 90µmol*m-2*s-1 to 400µmol*m-2*s-1, and different orchid may need different light recipe, its every difficult to design a universal light fixture for all orchid growers. For sole source artificial light growers, SRFX300 can cover 30-50 sq ft area, but situation differs a lot under green houses, please contact us to get more recommendation for your plants.