Leafy Vegetable

2019-04-29 14:33:49

Leafy Vegetable For Vertical Farming

Vertical farming became very popular all over the world in recent years. The vertical cultivation is wildly applied for many plants such as leafy vegetables, pot plants and even cannabis. The demands of lighting for muti-floors are very high. GrowSpec designed a series of lights that used for vertical farming. There are two parts to define the lighting for each floor: light-recipe and light density, it means what spectrum should be use for certain plant and how much PPFD of such spectrum of light should be given at the area. It all depends on growers grow strategies.Our solution and suggestion will be made under growers requirements and aim of grow. Our suggestion will help you make better decision of what type of lamp you better use, how many watts, height of hanging and distance among lamps, at the same time will help you know more about your crops’ demands on lighting. 


Gow Lights Recommended:
For leafy vegetables in vertical farm, normally light density design is aimed between 200-400µmol*m-2*s-1, the height from crop canopy to lights vary from 6” (15cm) to 20”(50cm), SlimSpec series and SlimGrower Series will be perfect for this type of applications. Both series has a variety of typical proven light recipe for option, and length changes from 50cm,60cm to 80cm,90cm and 110cm,120cm.Please contact us to get detailed recommendation or total solution for your project.