Vertical Cannabis

2019-04-29 14:32:54

Cannabis For Vertical Farming

Generally speaking ,there are two reasons why to grow cannabis vertically: space and yields. Both of these equal more money.

一站式植物照明解决方案 | 谷思贝

Space is something that professional growers rarely take for granted. The main reason LED lighting can be better for vertical growing is that LEDs are typically more efficient at converting electrons into photons, and (assuming a good form factor/thermal management system), LED will dissipate the heat away from the crop compared to MH or HPS, which radiate heat down to the crop.Normally we use 600W LED to replace 1000W HPS and have better yield.So LED is obviously the power savings. An important consideration is you are using more lights in vertical grow than in one level grow, so the high efficiency of LED compare to HPS is another big advantage.High efficiency means your power convert more to light for crops and less heat in the room.In vertical farming room, this is very essential.

Gow Lights Recommended:
Some vertical Cannabis growers use shelves to grow just in vegetative stage and move to flower room at the blooming stage. For this type of grow shelves,SS110-DL10 UNV version will be perfect solution, its a grill combined by 10 pcs of 53W tubes with full spectrum LEDs, covering 4’ x 4’ area. Under this SS110-DL10 UNV version, average PPFD is 500umol/s/m2 at 8” height to canopy.
For those utilize vertical shelves to grow cannabis in full life circle, SS110-D08 CNB version will be better. Its also a grill combined by 8 pcs of 60W tubes,with special designed cannabis spectrum and a switch veg/bloom.
While some vertical shelf levels are very high (some over 6’) , SR4DIM300 or SRFX300 will be the right solution.