Ornamental Plants

2019-04-29 14:32:24

Ornamental Plants For Special Grow

In many hotels and commercial buildings, different size of potted plants are cultivated in lobby or porch.Because lack of lighting, people can just choose usually some sciophiles plants. For those who choose flowers or trees heliophiles plants for decoration indoor, or even for those sciophiles plants, they meet big problem of lacking of lighting. These indoor plants will going to turn yellow and shrink fast because of very week photosynthesis, flowers sometimes even die before blooming. For those still alive plants they looks also unhealthy. In view of this situation,GrowSpec has developed a grow system for lobby trees or potted flowers in hotel and commercial buildings, please contact us if you have such headache situation.


Gow Lights Recommended:
Under different situations, different solutions will be made.For plants as tall as 6’ Sunray series will be good solution, but SRY60 or PANNEL also can be applied in many situations.