Vine Crops

2019-04-29 14:50:42

Vine Crops For Greenhouse

Light recipe has been proven to have significant effects on vine crops growth and morphology. GrowSpec can supply a variety of lights for both high and low light demanding on functions. Sunray 300/600 for example, has options of dimming or just fixed spectrum.For those high demanding growers who selected our dimming version of sunray, he can adjust LEDs to emit specific wavelengths of light to achieve desired plant responses at various phases of growth, its a very professional-grade tool. To achieve specific growth goals, its necessary to establish the production requirements. With the requirements we can develop a “light-strategy”, generally, we should consider the well known proven functions of different manometers of light. Red light can be used to increase stem elongation and accelerate flowering.Blue light has been proven important for lift plant morphology, photosynthesis process. Red light alone can be used to grow tomato seedlings, but a lack of blue light can have adverse effects on morphology, chloroplast development will be reduced, leaves thinner.The right power ratio between blue light and red light suppresses stem elongation, and increases plant biomass and fruit production in very efficient way, especially for cucumber plants, the ratio of red to blue light must be adequately maintained to ensure proper growth.Too much blue light and leaf area will decrease, too much red light and photosynthesis rate decreases will leading to abnormal development of the plants.

Here we have some research result of Tomato and cucumber:

PhD Jacek Dyśko, Research Institute of Horticulture, Skierniewice, Poland

In January 2018 we run another important research project. This time we are working on spectrums for seedlings of cucumber and tomato. Poland is known, all over the world, for its cucumber and tomato production on a large scale.  Our preliminary conclusions show that our Sunray series with special light spectrum dedicated for seedling, gives more than 40% energy saving comparing to HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lights and it provides faster growing process. 

一站式植物照明解决方案 | 谷思贝

一站式植物照明解决方案 | 谷思贝

Our combined research and development team carried out full cultivation for herbs and vegetables, starting from the implementation of the seed into the substrate and ending with the final harvest of the obtained crop. In the case of vegetables grown, the plant material analyzed in the experimental greenhouse was tomato Altadena F1 and cucumber Pacto F1. The cucumber seeding, like that of tomato, was sown on 29 January 2018 in the same mineral wool and after 5 days (2 February), the cucumber seedlings were transplanted to Grodan Delta mineral wool cubes (100x100x60 mm). After replanting, the cucumber seedlings were moved to the same chambers as the tomato seedlings. The illumination process was carried out only during the seedling period. Production of tomato seedlings under both types of LED and HPS lamps took 39 days (15 January - 22 February), while cucumber production took 36 days (29 January - 6 March).
At present, cucumbers grow in greenhouses under the same conditions as in large commercial crops, in order to obtain data practically useful for agriculture. We used GS Sunray 300 lamps and GAVITA 600W HPS lamps to spread tomatoes and cucumbers. The same plants were grown as a control group under HPS lamps and without auxiliary lighting. The crop was grown in mineral wool at temperatures in the range of 23-25oC per day and 20oC per night. The substrate was moistened with medium of EC 2.3 and pH 5.5.  A trial tomato harvest took place between 8 May and 29 May 2018. The highest harvest was obtained for cultivation under LED lamps. From one square meter, 10.95 kg were harvested, 9.20 kg under HPS lamps and 4.58 kg under non-cultivated conditions during the planting phase. By far the most developed root system of cucumber and tomato was found when the plants were illuminated with GS Sunray 300 lamps.


Grow Lights Recommended:
As an originally designed lamp for greenhouse.Light recipe and lighting angle of GB240 can be tailor-made, distributing averagely 20-200umol/m2/s for 1-8 square meters, at 1-4m hanging height.Please check datasheet and usage guidelines for GB240.