Growing Cannabis

2019-04-29 14:49:52

Cannabis For Greenhouse

Many growers cultivate their medical cannabis in greenhouses, sunlight offers greenhouse plants optimal full-spectrum light, yet not all greenhouses reside in optimal conditions. During the beginning or end of the season, or in particularly cloudy regions, plants may still fall short of obtaining optimal light exposure. For different greenhouses, the penetration rate are different from 40% to 70%, so even in sunny weather DLI (daily light integral) inside the greenhouse may be less half than outside. Supplemental lighting is usually considered even in sunny day in low latitude area. 
Normally, medical cannabis need 18-20 mols/day (DLI) for vegetative stage and 20-25 mols/day at flowering stage.Light cycles of between 18–24 hours are used during the vegetative phase of the grow cycle, making it necessary to install additional lighting after the sun has set and before it has risen, or even there is a long day but without enough light, supplementary light is necessary to ensure the plant grow in right speed.The shift to a light cycle of 12-12 is what causes photo-periodstrains to enter the flowering phase of the grow cycle, so within the 12 hours lighting time, plants should absorb enough energy and right light signal to flower, so right light-recipe and enough PPFD light should be supplemented from the artificial light.


GrowSpec will design the tailor-made light recipe for your plants according to your way and purpose of cultivation. With the acknowledgement of the PPFD of the certain greenhouse, GrowSpec will make a light supplementary scheme for you, the a suggestion of lighting solution will be supplied for free.Even if you use LED grow lights for your greenhouses, lighting costs are still lower in a greenhouse, as lamps won’t need to be turned on for as many hours during the day when compared to an indoor growing operation.

Grow Lights Recommended:
GrowSpec has proven light recipe specially designed for medical cannabis.Proven results show sunray series is very efficient for different stages of growth. Sunray used in greenhouse has two versions for option:spectrum dimmable or fixed recipe .At 1-4m hanging height, 3-25 square meters of area will be covered, and 30-500umol/m2/s is available. Sunray series has two power models, 300W and 600W. SR300-4DIM and SR600-4DIM can be grouped by analog dimming or IoT dimming system, light recipe of each group of lights can adjusted at different grow phases.